Saturday, October 25, 2014

M/M Romance Group November Reading Challenge

I haven't participated in any reading challenges in ages, so I thought I'd give this one an unofficial go

1. Look for Circles Day (11/2): Read a book where The MC's Friends are Their Real Family or read a book with a circle somewhere on the cover.
2. First Auto Show (11/3): On Nov. 3, 1990 the First Auto Show was held and Nov. 7, 1869 marks the date of the first city to city bike race (Paris to Rouen). To commemorate, read a book with a car or bike on the cover, a book where an MC rides any type of bike or read from the Gay Sex in a Car/Truck List.
3. National Donut Day (11/5): Indulge yourself with a kinky, hot book, perhaps from Kinky Fuckery All the Damned Time or Sex In Places Other Than A Bedroom.
4. Marooned Without A Compass (11/6): Find a book with the words "North", "South", "East" or "West" in the title, series title or author name. Or find a book with all of the letters N/S/E/W in the title or series title.
5. Clean Your Refrigerator Day (11/15): Read one of the 3 oldest books on your TBR or one of the 3 lowest rated books on your TBR.
6. False Confession Day (11/21): Read a Mystery! Best Gay Mystery, Genre-Mystery-Whodunit.
7. Red Planet Day (11/28): Read a book with red on the cover, the word "Red" in the title, or from Genre-Sci Fi.
8. Stay At Home Day (11/3): Read a book featuring a hobby you like/would like so much you'll stay at home to do it. Or, a book where the MC has a career you like/would like so much that you don't want to stay home!
9. Group Hug: Read one of the group's Love's Landscapes Stories OR read a book by an author of one of the stories you've already enjoyed
10. Choice: Use an Author of the Month (AOM) selection, a Pick it for Me book, another challenge book or a book from your TBR

Bonus: The European Union (EU) was formed in November of 1993. Celebrate by reading a book Set in the EU.

Books Read in October

 Written in Red by Anne Bishop

New Series/Authors:

Continuing Series:

Stand Alones/Non-Fiction:

Goodreads MM Group and Other Short Stories

Books Read in September

 Written in Red by Anne Bishop

New Series/Authors:

Continuing Series:

Stand Alones/Non-Fiction:

Goodreads MM Group and Other Short Stories

Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Unraveling Chase

Unraveling Chase
Unraveling Chase by J.J. Scotts

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5* Ultimately, I did enjoy Unraveling Chase, but I had a couple problems. First, there wasn't much Liam/Chase time. Chase and Liam are apart for nearly 2/3rds of the book, and what time they do spend together was in bed, which I'm not complaining about, exactly since JJ Scotts knows how to write a sex scene, but I'd like to see more of them outside the bedroom, especially considering the revelations made in this book. Which takes me to my second problem -- we finally find out how Chase got his scar, but the way we found out was a little disappointing. Nicole tells Liam the story of what happened. I'm glad I finally know, but wish Chase had been the one to tell Liam the story. What saved this story for me, were the sections told from Chase's perspective. It was nice to get inside of his head for a change and start to understand what makes him tick. This is definitely a must read if you're a fan of the series!

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Books Read in August

✓ Hidden by Kendra Elliot
Fatal Affair by Marie Force DNF
 Written in Red by Anne Bishop

New Series/Authors:
Hell & High Water by Charlie Cochet
On Edge by T.C. Blue
An Old-Fashioned Love Song by Michelle K. Grant
Five Dates by Amy Jo Cousins
GI Joe Holiday by Amberly Smith
The Last Cannoli by Tali Spencer
Plan B by SJD Peterson

Continuing Series:
Cross & Crown by Abigail Roux
By the Balls by Mia Watts
She's Got Balls by Mia Watts
Gay for Pay by Kim Dare
Gayday! Gayday! by Kim Dare
Gay Man Seeks Same by Kim Dare
Unraveling Chase by JJ Scots

Stand Alones/Non-Fiction:
Games Boys Play by Zoe X. Rider
Superhero by Eli Easton

Goodreads MM Group and Other Short Stories
Gravitational Force by C.M. Walker
Fireworks by William Cooper
The Hate Game by Hennessee Andrews
Three Strikes by Piper Vaughn
Seduction by Lou Harper
Making It Work by Cari Z.
Seconds by Megan Derr
To the End by Kathleen Hayes
High Five Dive by Adrian Fridge
In a While New Light by Marie L. Nickett
Man of the Match by Lane Swift
Exposed by Bette Browne
Don't Name the Puppy by R.D. Hero
Busted by Sofia Grey
Expect the Unexpected by Lou Slyvre
All I Ever Wanted by Lauren Lewis
Knickers in a Twist by Ofelia Gränd
eXtreme Homecoming by Jennah Scott
Fighting Dirty by Olley White
More Than He Can See by Nicole Forcine
Taken by the Rookie by J.J. Scotts
Where You Hurt the Most by Anne Brooke
The Anchor Tattoo and the Pistachio Dream by Paula Coots
Waiting, Hoping, Wishing by Nic Starr
Not One Word by Kim Dare
The Wallbanger by Reneé George
The Raven's Luck by Laylah Hunter
Pink Lace and Stolen Hearts by J.C. Wallace
A Million Truths by M.C. Houle
We the Calari of Calar III by Wart Hill
That's Who I Am by Jayden Brooks
A.S.H.E.R. by Kallysten
Gaps in Your Soul by Shayla Kersten
The Man Cave by LA Witt
Love's First Kiss by Jambrea Jo Jones
Trunk'd by Tam Ames
January Thaw by Lilith Duvalier
One Night Contract by Lilith Duvalier
Clicking by Alex Gale
Dogwatch by Kiernan Kelly

ROR Fall 2014 Challenge

Fall 2014 Challenge List (Sep, Oct, Nov)
1-A cover that reminds you of Autumn

2-Book set in a small town

3-Read a Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy (for Halloween)

4-Book with a virginal hero (

5-Choose a title that is an alliteration (Simply Sinful, Fearless Fourteen)

6-Heroes in Pursuit (

7-Hero or heroine is a cook, baker or chef (thinking thanksgiving)

8-Published in a fall month (any year)

9-Tattered or dog-eared copy (sweetbottom suggestion)

10-Your name is part of authors/characters name (nightengale suggestion)

11-Favorite on a friends shelf

12-Book in a series you've been meaning to get back to AKA That Long Lost Friend Series

13-Book with an animal on the cover

14-Beg, Borrow, Or Steal (ok don't steal)--read a book that you didn't have to pay for (a kindle freebie, library book, friend loan, etc.)

15-Readers Choice

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thinking About Ratings

So I just finished this book called Snagged by Jet Mykles and my response when I finished it was "meh."  It was written well, but it just didn't grab me.  I didn't really care about the MCs or believe in their HEA.  It just didn't work for me, so at first I rated it 3 stars, but then I thought about all the other books I've rated 3 stars and what does that rating really mean to me?  So I've decided, for my own good to really think about what each rating means and define the different ratings here:

So here it goes:

5 stars - brilliant, couldn't stop reading, loved the MCs.  It doesn't mean the novel is perfect - there might be some issues, but I just don't care, because I'm so caught up in the story.  Oh and everyone I know must read this book now!!!  And I will definitely re-read it.

4.5 stars - almost a 5 star but there are a few little issues that bother me enough that it doesn't get 5 stars.  Also a book I must share with my book friends and I'll likely re-read it.

4 stars - really good read.  Kept my attention, really liked the plot, characters, etc...not perfect.  Might re-read and will definitely recommend to my friends.

3.5 stars - very good, but something is missing.  I'd still recommend it but probably won't re-read.

3 stars - good, not great.  Might recommend but probably won't re-read.

2.5 stars - okay probably won't recommend and definitely won't re-read.

2 stars - meh - this book did nothing for me and unless someone can convince me otherwise, I'm not going to be looking for other books by this author.

1 star (I don't think I've ever rated anything 1.5 stars) - so bad, either the plot or the characters or the writing that either I force myself to finish it or I DNF it.  Painful to read even.

So my stream of consciousness definitions for my different grades.  I'll probably come back and clean them up a bit but this is a good start!